We are Committed to the Everyday Life Philosophy.


About Residential Services

Individualized Service

We also work very closely with the individual and their family to help develop the best support systems possible for those in our service. At LHSS, we build supports based on what the individual wishes to accomplish and/or experience. We create quality life experiences based on the individual’s self-determined desires!

For individuals not accustomed to knowing (or knowing how to articulate) what they want, we provide engaging and stimulating experiences that are similar to those we enjoy, including: socializing with friends and family, working or volunteering, playing sports, shopping, traveling, and so much more.

Day-to-Day Life

In addition to our focus of providing the best quality of life, we also take care of the basic necessities of life. This means we are in charge of scheduling doctor appointments, managing and distributing medication, supporting activities of daily living (ADLs), helping to prepare daily meals, and helping to keep the house clean and organized-all of which contribute to the outlook and well-being of those we support.

About Respite Services

Everyone needs a break sometimes! We provide support to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families when they need a break or when a temporary living arrangement with additional support is needed.

Community Placement

Since we have trained staff and accessible homes, we open our doors to families and individuals who are seeking a temporary community placement for a family member who qualifies for our service.

More Information on Respite

Contact Dr. Subrina Taylor at for information on respite availability.

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